Hardwood Collection

Monarch Plank

The finest handcrafted wide-plank hardwood flooring; finished with the latest European coloring and texturing techniques. The floors feature top-quality construction for superior stability, sawn top layers, and long length boards.

Teragren Hardwood

Engineered bamboo flooring offers increased performance, durability and beauty to living rooms, dining rooms and foyers in a variety of styles from traditional to contemporary. Prefinished bamboo flooring imparts elegance to living rooms, dining rooms and foyers in a variety of décor styles from traditional to contemporary. Strand bamboo flooring offers hardness, durability and stability that are perfect for high-traffic areas in both residential and commercial settings.

Gemwood Hardwood

We offer our hardwood flooring in a broad range of woods and finishes to allow you unbridled creativity in your choices - whether you seek a warm, refined, traditional style, or a cool, urban attitude. And our trendy random-width line lets you express yourself in the latest fashion.

Hallmark Hardwoood

The Hallmark Hardwoods Collections combines the ageless beauty and craft of hardwood flooring with state-of-the-art manufacturing. We harvest materials in harmony with nature, in a sustainable and responsible way. Great care is exercised in manufacturing to ensure a healthful living environment. We produce floors of unsurpassed quality you will be delighted to call your own. Beautiful, Durable, Sustainable.

Provenza Hardwood

Provenza Floors is a manufacturer of Custom, Commercial, Residential, Eco-friendly and Reclaimed Wood flooring. With over 36 years of experience in creating the most innovative, stylish, and unsurpassed quality hardwood flooring, Provenza offers wood floor collections that are unique, handcrafted and of long-lasting value in a variety of vibrant colors, rich finishes, wood species, surface treatment and edge detailing.

Mirage Hardwood

Mirage Hardwood Flooring offers high quality wood flooring with superior durability and timeless style. Mirage Hardwood offers options of solid and engineered hardwoods for flooring that best suits your home, lifestyle and application location. Mirage Hardwood floors are five times more impermeable to damages than other competing floors. Additionally, this revolutionary finish allows UV and cracking resistances for hardwood flooring that will be cherished for generations.