Bathroom Projects

Black tiles provide a sleek, modern look.
Travertine floors and stacked sandstone wall insets provide an warm, elegant look.
Limestone tiles contrast beautifully with a white egg-shaped bath tub.
Marble adds timeless elegance to any bathroom.
White marble floors and counter tops provide a feminine, whimsical touch.
Natural travertine tiles provide old world charm.
The travertine walls and flooring provides a elegant simplicity to this bathroom.
This bathroom features travertine in different patterns and tile sizes, adding visual sophistication.
Travertine walls, flooring, modlings and wall accents give a luxurious feel to this bathroom.
Travertine makes a gorgeous bathtub enclosure.
This bathroom uses different hues of marble to a beautiful effect.
White marble provides an airy, spacious feeling to this bathroom.
Mixed travertine tiles can make even small bathroom look luxurious.
The limestone walls, shower enclosure and counter top in the bathroom provide a sense of timeless beauty.